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Posted on July 8th, 2017

Do you have an employee who is simply not meeting expectations or, worse, doing something detrimental to your business? Training may solve the problem. Training may not be the answer, though. It is possible you need to develop a performance improvement plan and (if necessary) terminate the employee if s/he does not improve.

If training is needed, we’ll help you explore whether to train your group or train just the problem employee. Workers resent being called into group training programs when just one person needs support. Sometimes the one worker benefits from individual coaching, and there are times we’ll recommend you send that worker to an outside seminar.

When the employee is harming your business, an individual performance improvement plan may more rapidly address the issue. Our HR experts can help you by providing documentation and coaching assistance. If, at the end of the employee’s coaching, he or she must be terminated, having well-documented procedures can prevent another problem. If you terminate someone for cause and you do not have a documented performance plan, Michigan will typically award unemployment benefits.

CoStaff is delighted to assist its clients with employee training and development. Our HR business partners and safety specialist are training experts. When you have an employee problem, contact CoStaff for help.